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Role of the Adult

We believe adults need to have appropriate training and have a clear understanding of child development and how young children learn. They need to take into consideration what has gone before and how children need to progress. They need to have their professionalism recognised, have the opportunity for regular training and be committed to their own spirit of enquiry.

Adults need to see observation as essential to enable them to intervene sensitively and purposefully in children’s learning and in developing children’s interests. It is essential that they work in partnership with the nursery team, with parents and with outside professionals. There needs to be a shared purpose, expectations, consistent practice and effective communication.

Adults need to recognise that first hand experiences, play and talk are the ways and means by which young children learn about themselves and the world around them. They need to have high expectations of all children to achieve.

Adults need to value and see the relevance of young children’s previous life experiences and take a lead from the children’s interests. Adults should give affirmation through facial expression and physical closeness. They need to support appropriate risk-taking by the children. Adults need to be aware of the impact of their own attitudes and beliefs on the children. They need to challenge stereotyped behaviours and attitudes, whilst fostering a love of learning and having fun! The Effective Early Learning Project helped us to identify key features exhibited by adults when high quality learning experiences are being provided for children: sensitivity, stimulation and high levels of autonomy.

The Children

 Young children are enthusiastic and receptive learners with a natural curiosity. They are unique individuals, entitled to have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own way. They are more likely to succeed if they are happy and secure and have a sense of well-being. Young children learn through active investigation, enquiry, first hand experiences, play and talk. They need time to reflect on what they have learned.

“Thank you for a fabulous year! Our son has enjoyed making friendships and exploring nursery and will be confident in making friends in his new school.”

– Parent feedback

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