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The Nursery curriculum aims to offer the children a wide range of activity and experience and take account of all areas of the child’s learning and development.

This includes emotional, social, physical and intellectual learning and development.

Children start the nursery with very different previous experiences, knowledge, skills and attitudes. Their stage of development and past experiences need to be considered individually and the curriculum matched to the needs and interests of the children.

The six areas of learning for the Foundation Stage are: Personal, social and emotional development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy Development, Mathematical Development, Expressive Arts and Media and Understanding of the World. These are as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The Foundation Stage of Learning applies to children from birth to five.

The four areas of the curriculum for Birth to Three curriculum framework (2003)are: the Strong Child, the Competent Learner, the Skilful Communicator, the Healthy Child.

The Nursery Curriculum aims to promote the all round development of the children, introducing them to a range of educational experiences, making them aware of the cultural diversity of society and fostering positive attitudes and skills for learning. It is vital that the staff ensure that all the children, regardless of gender, race or disability, have access to and are encouraged to participate in all areas of learning and experience throughout the nursery. The curriculum values and promotes independent learning, encouraging the children to make their own decisions and begin to think how to solve problems. It promotes co-operation and partnership between the children and opportunities to learn from one another.

The nursery curriculum is the next step in an ongoing and developing process, beginning at home with the parents and linking to future learning to ensure continuity and progression.

To access the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, please click here.

To access Resources and tools for early language development and parental engagement click here.

“I think there is a really positive attitude across the staff team which really benefits the children.”

– Parent feedback

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