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The nursery staff team is led by qualified teachers and Early Years staff and all staff continue to further their professional knowledge and update their skills.

Specialist staff work with children to help them overcome speech and language difficulties.

Staff are experienced in helping children with a range of Special Educational Needs.

Rainbow 1

Angela Whitney – Nursery Manager

Rhianne Abbott – Early Years Officer

Cory-Lea Richardson– Early Years Practitioner

Caroline Coates – Early Years Practitioner

Thomas I’Anson – Early Years Practitioner

Sue Middleton – Early Years Practitioner

Sue Stephens – Early Years Practitioner

Rainbow 2

Paula Stafford – Nursery Manager

Carol Tate –Early Years Practitioner/SEN

Mikala Newton – Early Years Practitioner

Anita Thomas – Early Years Assistant

Frances Marriott – Early Years Assistant



Site and Admin Team

Lindsey Gwynne – School Business Manager

Sophie Prior – Administrator

Sheralee Goode – Administrator

Julie Dickens – Catering Officer

Adrienn Baranyi – Cleaner

Charlene Tate – Cleaner

The Snug (Baby Room)

Emma Annis – Deputy Manager/Early Years Officer

Laura Sparks – Early Years Officer

Sharne Gent – Early Years Practitioner

Ben Lockwood – Early Years Practitioner

Jordan Thorne – Early Years Practitioner

Jodie Leonard – Early Years Assistant

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