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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide warm, stimulating, welcoming environments which give a secure foundation for all children and their families to become happy, confident, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a lifelong love of learning. We are very proud of our lovely schools and welcome all visitors.

Image of the Child

The staff team at Foundation for Children Nursery Schools Federation created this list of valuable feelings, qualities and characteristics that we think best describe what we see when a child is happily involved in their play and learning effectively.

Have a positive self-image

This is an essential ingredient in learning, as a child will feel worthy of the positive attention of others; confident they will be liked; and that they are able. Having a positive self-image protects them emotionally, when things go wrong as they will bounce back.

Be independent and resourceful

They can access the learning environment with ease and confidence of what they need to achieve their set tasks. They can adapt well in different situations, making compromises and think of creative solutions in their play and learning.

Have a sense of belonging, feel safe and secure

Our experience tells us that until a child trusts and is comfortable with us and our school, they cannot relax and begin to explore and learn.

Feeling safe and secure is the first quality we want to foster in any child who comes to Nursery School.

Be inquistive and curious

Children’s natural curiosity; the definition of which is
‘a strong desire to know or learn something’, leads to exploration, wondering, testing, questioning, so extending their abilities and knowledge.

Curiosity often leads to delight.
The delight of a two-year-old is something to behold; a clear indication that a child is being rewarded solely by the sheer pleasure of a new discovery, experience or feeling.
This is the essence of learning through play.

Show care and concern for others

Being aware of the feelings of others. For young children this may be shown initially by being aware of a child nearby that is sad. For older children they begin to listen to others and turn take with resources. This is the early stages of empathy. “love grows brains”

Be respected and respectful

Learning that they are valued as an individual and therefore to value others. To recognise that we are all different and by learning more about one another we are being respectful.

Be prepared to take risks

Risk taking is a normal part of development; it allows a child to define their identity and grow as an individual. Calculate risks can include physical, social, emotional and cognitive risks as they develop new skills.

A desire to communicate

Communication is not just about talking, but involves learning to manage their feelings, gaining basic social skills, making themselves understood and learning to understand others.
When children discover that others can be a great source of fun, new ideas and experiences, their future learning and life skills can be truly enhanced.

“Croyland Nursery School as a whole do a fantastic job and exceed my expectations every day. The staff are very caring and look after the children in their care very well, in fact, just how I would look after my child at home.”

– Parent Feedback

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