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A partnership of Nursery Schools Providing high quality education, extended services and training A partership of Nursery Schools Providing high quality education, extended services and training

Consultation on a proposal for
Camrose Early Years Centre for Children & Families
to join
Foundations for Children Nursery Schools Federation
May 2021

Camrose Early Years Centre for Children & Families recently approached the Foundations for Children Nursery Schools Federation (comprising Parklands Nursery School in Northampton and Highfield and Croyland Nursery Schools in Wellingborough) with a proposal to join it and become a four school federation, sharing an Executive Headteacher and governing board. This consultation document gives more information about federation and what it would mean for your child’s school, so we can get your feedback on the proposals. Click here to read

This time last week we held our first joint training day as ‘Foundations for Children Nursery Schools Federation.’ The Federation comprises of Camrose Early Years Centre, Parklands Nursery School, both in Northampton and Croyland and Highfield Nursery Schools in Wellingborough.
The training day was focused on the Early Years Reforms for Education and Care of children aged 0-5 years, published in Sept 21.
These professional development opportunities allow the teachers and practitioners working with your children to be up to date with the most effective teaching and learning strategies that can help all children achieve their full potential. As you can see from the photos there were many opportunities to share and discuss best practice across the four Nursery Schools.

Croyland Nursery School are proud to share and celebrate our contribution and participation in an exciting research project with seven of the maintained nursery schools in Northamptonshire.

The project, ‘The Voice of the Child’ was funded by the Laurel Trust, a leader in action research and innovation and where we worked collaboratively together with a range of early years professionals over an 18 month period.

This project involved early years professionals understanding that communication happens in multiple ways, not just verbally.  Also, that we must listen to our children by seeing and observing their behaviour and well-being in order to build a more reliable picture of their emotional state and needs.

‘A lack of language does not allow us not to listen’

Please take a look at the summary of the final report here.


Dear Parents/Carers

Just to remind everyone that if you, your child or a family member display any symptoms of Covid-19, please DO NOT come into the school site.

Our staff are still working to support all children and families. If you require any support, advice, or would like to speak to a staff member from one of the nursery schools. Please also look at useful links under the School Information tab, for websites and agencies that could provide guidance at this time.


As from 10th February 2021, Croyland Nursery School and Highfield Nursery School in Wellingborough and Parklands Nursery School in Northampton formed the Foundations for Children Nursery Schools Federation. The federation has one governing body and an Executive Headteacher.

All three schools have a long history of providing early years education to the families of Wellingborough and Northampton and are proud to be working together so closely to continue the provision of high quality, extended services and training.

Lyndsey-Barnett-IMG_2968-circle-smLyndsey Barnett

Message from the Executive Headteacher

“At Croyland, Highfield and Parklands nursery schools every day our children have access to highly stimulating and exciting learning experiences! The highly skilled staff and teachers are deeply committed to provide the best learning experiences for children which is why our children are keen and eager to explore and learn.”

“We hope you find some useful information on this website but if there is any other information that you would like please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always so proud to show prospective families around our wonderful settings. Sadly, because of the pandemic, we have been unable to do this in person. You can view our virtual tours on the facebook pages, or for more information please call the office:

Croyland Nursery School and Day Nursery: 01933 279681
Highfield Nursery School: 01933 225039
Parklands Nursery School: 01604 624118
or by filling out an enquiry form.

We look forward to seeing you.”

– Lyndsey Barnett, Executive Headteacher

Foundations for Children Nursery Schools Federation is committed to safeguarding and ensuring the welfare of children, and expects all employees and volunteers to share this commitment.

The suitability of all prospective employees or volunteers will be assessed during the recruitment process in line with this commitment.

“My child gets so excited to come to nursery and has learnt so much! She loves to meet new friends and I love looking through her folder to see what she has done. The nursery makes parents feel welcome and the staff have been amazing with both of my children and me. We are all very grateful.”

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