Parental Involvement

Parents are the constant element in the child’s experiences. By drawing on the parental knowledge of the child, we can begin to gain an understanding of their previous experiences, together with an indication of the social and intellectual skills and competences. Parents always have a hugely significant influence their child’s learning. The partnership between home and school needs to be a two-way process, with knowledge, information and insights shared freely.

Parental involvement is encouraged through contributing to the child’s record of achievement and sharing information with the staff. We encourage parents to participate in nursery sessions and parents are represented on the governing body.

Through regular newsletters and informal daily contacts, we hope to be able to share with parents the experiences we offer to the children and information about their individual progress. We hope that this will be reciprocated.


Parent and carers workshops

Through out the year we provide a range of workshops that parents and carers can attend both with your child or on your own. There will be opportunities to enjoy play experiences with your child and talk about your child’s interests in the world. There will be opportunities to be creative and make resources and props that you can use at home with your child. These include Autumn crafts, poetry cards and language games.

Information sessions:

Through out the year we provide sessions on a whole range of topics that include, the importance of play, behavior management, health eating and early reading and writing. We consult with parents throughout the year to find out what sessions would be useful to you.

We work in partnership with Family Learning- NCC who provide a range of Adult courses at the School.

“Recording children’s development and the graphs, involving parents with planning, play experiences and opportunities for the children to learn.”

– Parent feedback June 2016